Friday, October 4, 2013

Online Rights and Responsibilities with formRanger

The highlight of this week was a 5th grade lesson on digital citizenship.  Students had previously created a chart of classroom rights and responsibilities and discussed the differences between them.  In my lab, we set out to create another list of digital rights and responsibilities. This is a particularly relevant task considering our upcoming 1 to 1 chromebook initiative. The lesson had three elements that worked: using the right right videos, having students create a list collaboratively in a Google spreadsheet, and then vote on their favorites using a formRanger updated form.
It’s hard finding videos on digital citizenship for 10 year-olds because most of the content is targeted for older or younger students. After much searching I found two that fit perfectly.  The first video is a short piece on digital footprints and was a perfect anticipatory set to start our discussion. After talking about digital footprints and why they are important, students started collaboratively building a list of what they felt should be their online rights and responsibilities. I get a thrill each time I see a class working on the same spreadsheet at the same time.  It is amazing to watch them self organize.
After a few moments, we brought the class back together to watch another great spot by Common Sense Media on Cyber Bullying. We checked for duplicates as a team and the student written Rights and Responsibilities were used to update a Google Form via the formRanger script.   Before the period ended, students had used the form to vote on their new digital rights and responsibilities list.  

The Google spreadsheet and form allowed the kids to be at the center of the process.  In the past we would use chart paper and solicit discussion.  Some students would contribute, others would watch.  This lesson was different - everyone was involved - everyone contributed to the list in some way.  That universal contribution lead to more engaged discussion and a pretty great list.  See for yourself.

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